UK plans to cut renewable energy subsidies on solar and biomass plants

Personally i think UK govermnment is doing perfectly right. There is a time for focus on infrastructure and evacuation (legislation following technology progress is also important, maybe even crucial) (m.z.)

The latest move comes a year after solar farms of more than 5MW in size – about 25 acres – were excluded from receiving Government funding support.

Investment in solar power in India could surpass investment in coal by 2019-20, with US$35 billion already committed by global players, according to a Deutsche Bank report.

The solar industry said yesterday that it was being unfairly hit, when the Government pays millions of pounds in subsidies to the nuclear industry.

With the Feed-in Tariff, which supports smaller scale rooftop and solar farms, the proposal is to remove "pre-accreditation" – a lock-in to a fixed tariff level for six months, designed to give solar projects a window for financing and construction without the uncertainty of constantly reducing tariffs.

Energy & Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd said: "My priorities are clear".

Rudd in her statement said the costs for renewable energy projects were down "significantly" thanks in part to government support.

She said: "We can’t have a situation where industry has a blank cheque and that cheque is paid for by people’s bills".

The report, launched today, models various scenarios in which solar PV can progress to grid parity over the next five years, but also highlights the need to maintain and gradually phase out subsidy support.

She said: ‚There is no pledge in the Conservative manifesto about cutting support for solar, so we are disappointed by this move. Ind-Ra sees a limited possibility of support by way of VGF, greater focus on infrastructure creation for the evacuation of solar power and higher possibility of distribution companies meeting their renewable purchase obligation.

Onshore wind and solar energy in the UK can be viable without subsidies.

Juliet Davenport, chief executive of Good Energy, a renewable energy business that owns six solar farms in Britain, said: "From our point of view, any change of policy means investors are concerned about investing".

Jonathan Selwyn, a board member of the STA, told the that the subsidy cut would "have a very large impact" on the industry. The consultation closes on 2 September.

However, he said that investor confidence would inevitably suffer by the consultation. Their partner in this venture, Plymouth Rock Energy, headquartered in Woodmere, NY, is a leading independent energy provider of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, and sustainable solutions to residential and commercial customers in the Northeast. She said the government might be sacrificing big climate change gains for budgetary savings that amount to "small change".

Daisy Sands, Greenpeace head of energy campaign, said: "Cutting the subsidies now will see businesses go bust and investment dry up".

Solar farms saw "strong growth" in Wales between 2011 and 2015, . It is important that value for money is at heart of decision making on energy, but removing this certainty today actually risks raising the cost of capital and thus slowing down the steep cost-reduction pathway of technologies that will be needed in the next decade.

Slashing solar subsidies will threaten nearly 3,000 South West jobs, energy bosses have warned.


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