Feasibility analysis for solar agricultural water pumps in India



The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is keen on understanding the potential for solarisation of agricultural pumps in India. Among other things, this equires an assessment of subsidy requirements, financing mechanisms, other non-financial enablers and a view on a roadmap for a self-sustained solar agricultural pump market with little or no subsidy dependence.
Shakti Foundation is assisting MNRE and has appointed KPMG for conducting this
study. MNRE has been actively inviting pump manufacturers, system integrators and panel manufacturers to understand their concerns and involve them in decision making. This clearly evinces the Ministry’s keenness in driving solar pump adoption forward. Under Phase I of JNNSM, the Ministry supported sales of solar pumps for irrigation and community drinking water through financial assistance in the form of capital subsidy and interest subsidy. Under Phase II of JNNSM (draft document), the Ministry is considering setting itself a target for deployment of at least 25000 solar pumps by the end of FY 2017.

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