Retrofit housing can deliver deep carbon reductions says report;jsessionid=E0615328141C729A1D130FDE5FC3C211.2dd13a02eab

Findings from the ‘Retrofit Revealed’ report, unveiled at Ecobuild this week, suggest that the retrofit industry in the UK can deliver deep carbon reductions with existing technologies without compromising the comfort of residents.

The Technology Strategy Board’s report was based on the analysis of 100 retrofitted homes across the UK, and the experience of participants in the Retrofit for the Future programme, which aimed to address the challenge laid down by the government’s target to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

The report found a strong correlation between good air-tightness and lower CO2 emissions, and identifies the common challenges and subsequent solutions for more effective retrofitting in the future.

Ian Meikle of the Technology Strategy Board said: “Retrofit for the Future has resulted in significant innovation, which is why we have developed this report and made the full data available to the public.

“It demonstrates that the comfort of occupants can be improved at the same time as energy bills are reduced. Business-led innovation has the potential to transform the low-carbon retrofit market in the UK, readying the sector for roll-out of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and opening up the market around the Green Deal”.

Data from the report is available online at

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