EU Ministers Discuss Energy Efficiency


10 June 2011: EU ministers for transport, telecommunications and energy met in Luxembourg on 10 June 2011, to discuss energy efficiency.

According to their conclusions, improved energy efficiency throughout the whole energy system will make a major contribution to the EU’s wider goals of a competitive low-carbon economy, a more sustainable use of natural resources and security of energy supply. To this end, ministers affirmed that energy efficiency should be mainstreamed at all levels into other policies, such as regional and urban development, transport, industrial policy, agriculture, international relations and education and training.

They called for maximum consistency and mutual supportiveness between the Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP) and other components of the Flagship initiative for a Resource-efficient Europe under the Europe 2020 Strategy, encompassing the entire energy system from production and transmission to distribution and end-use.

They noted that a common, straightforward, cost-effective and workable methodology for monitoring energy savings and the evolution of energy efficiency should be developed, and that monitoring energy savings should be encouraged where appropriate in financial mechanisms supporting energy efficiency. The conclusions also include priority sectors and measures in relation to the public sector, building, industry and energy sector, transport, and consumers, as well as financing, next steps and reporting. [Council Conclusions on the Energy Efficiency Plan]

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