CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE – Legal and Regulatory Review, Edition 2


The International Energy Agency (IEA) considers carbon capture and storage (CCS) a crucial part of worldwide efforts to limit global warming by reducing greenhouse‐gas emissions. The IEA has estimated that the broad deployment of low‐carbon energy technologies could reduce projected 2050 emissions to half 2005 levels – and that CCS could contribute about one‐fifth of those reductions in a least‐cost emissions reduction portfolio. Reaching that goal, however, would require around 100 CCS projects to be implemented by 2020 and over 3 000 by 2050.
Such rapid expansion raises many regulatory issues, so in 2008 the IEA established the IEAInternational CCS Regulatory Network (Network).2 This publication, the IEA Carbon Capture and storage Legal and Regulatory Review (CCS Review), was launched in October 2010 in response to a suggestion made at the Network’s second meeting (Paris, January 2010) that the IEA produce a regular review of CCS regulatory progress worldwide. The CCS Review aims to help countries develop their own CCS regulatory frameworks by providing a forum for sharing knowledge on CCS legal and regulatory issues. It also identifies steps taken towards the legal and regulatory goals in the 2009 IEA Technology Roadmap: Carbon capture and storage. The CCS Review is produced every six months, to provide an up‐to‐date snapshot of CCS regulatory developments in contributing jurisdictions.

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