Air Products, Vattenfall launch oxyfuel carbon capture pilot


New York-listed Air Products has launched a carbon capture and compression system installed at Swedish project developer Vattenfall’s research and development facility in Germany.

Air Products’ technology focuses on the purification and compression of oxyfuel combustion flue gas. The system will be used to demonstrate oxyfuel carbon capture in a Vattenfall facility as part of a project that will run for three years.

‘One of our goals is to develop technologies that reduce the cost of capturing carbon dioxide,’ said David Taylor, vice president of energy businesses at Air Products. ‘These technologies have the potential to fulfill environmental targets around the world.’ Air Products’ system will take flue gas from Vattenfall’s 30MW wall-fired boiler at the oxyfuel pilot plant, which it will purify and compress into a purity acceptable for storage or enhanced oil recovery.

Its proprietary sour compression technology uses a staged compression process to optimise pressure in order to allow the removal of impurities during the compression process. The company said its technology will allow cost savings in the combustion process and minimises the concentration of acidic components, which is important in preventing the corrosion during the storage process.

Air Products said the pilot will demonstrate the efficient purification of carbon dioxide and the removal of atmospheric gases, including oxygen. It will also incorporate novel membrane technology, targeting carbon capture rates that the company hopes will reach as high as 98 per cent.

Head of Vatttenfall’s power plant division Hubertus Altmann said, ‘In a few years, the technology will be competitive in the market and in order to reach that goal there remains a lot of research and development to be done.’

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