IEA Report Shows Poland\’s Energy Future to be Based in Nuclear, Natural Gas, and Clean Coal | The Energy Collective

Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the IEA, says his organization’s recent assessment of Poland’s new energy strategy (EPP 2030) shows the plan will shift the country’s energy foundations.  „Timely implementation of the EPP 2030, including its Action Plan for the Years 2009-2012, will provide a sound foundation for a clean, clever and competitive energy future in Poland.”

It appears the Polish government will base its new energy foundations largely off natural gas, nuclear power, and carbon capture and storage.

The plan calls for large-scale expansion of the nation’s gas sector including constructing a liquefied natural gas terminal, increasing underground storage capacity, expanding the transmission and distribution system, and increasing production and exploration of gas resources.


Occupying numerous, but increasingly depleted, coal reserves, Poland currently receives 90% of its electricity generation and 55% of its energy supply from coal power.  The country’s energy plan attempts to reduce this dependence on coal.  Nevertheless, the government has pledged to be a leader in carbon capture and storage technology.  Carbon capture and storage technology has yet to be successfully proven, the IEA recognizes this, but also states it is important to continue research in the area.

za pomocą IEA Report Shows Poland\’s Energy Future to be Based in Nuclear, Natural Gas, and Clean Coal | The Energy Collective.

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