CO2 SINK–German integrated project

The CO2SINK integrated project, supported under the FP/6 framework by the EU commission, aims to develop the basis for this storage technique by injecting CO2 into a saline aquifer near the town of Ketzin, west of Berlin. The project will develop an in situ laboratory for CO2 storage to fill the gap between the numerous conceptual engineering and scientific studies on geological storage and a fully-fledged onshore storage demonstration. The project started in April 2004.

To characterize the underground and understand the processes which happen there, detailed analysis will be made of samples of rocks, fluids and micro-organisms from the underground. The project involves intensive monitoring of the injected CO2 using a broad range of geophysical and geochemical techniques, the development and benchmarking of numerical models, and the definition of risk-assessment strategies. These steps will all help to evaluate the reservoir’s stability and integrity.

The Ketzin gas storage site was selected for CO2SINK because:

  • The site offers a geological structure favourable for CO2 storage
  • The existing surface infrastructure reduces the need for new developments
  • The local political community strongly supports the project, and permitting authorities have been involved in project definition.
  • The test site is close to a metropolitan area, provides a unique opportunity to develop a European showcase for onshore CO2 storage.

Particular attention will be given to:

  • The quality of the geological seals and the possibility of leakage through overlying strata
  • Upward migration of gas along artificial pathways (such as the metal casing of injection/observation boreholes)
  • Migration of CO2 within reservoirs
  • The rate at which CO2 dissolves in brine-filled reservoirs or reacts with indigenous minerals.
  • Understanding fate of CO2 and developing a risk assessment for the long-term evolution of the CO2 storage.



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