Australia scraps coal-fired CCS plant

CANBERRA, Australia, Dec. 20 (UPI) — Australia has scrapped plans for a $4.3 billion Queensland coal-fired power station with carbon capture and storage capacity.

„We had hoped to have a clean coal power station up and running by 2015 but the fact is that the early research has shown us that this is not viable at this time on a commercial scale,” said Queensland Premier Anna Bligh in announcing the decision Sunday, a news release states.

The coal-fired plant would initially have captured up to 65 percent of its emissions, with the potential to capture and store up to 90 percent — or 2 million tons of carbon dioxide — to be stored in deep underground sandstone formations.

Bligh said that $190 million had been invested on developing a clean coal power station, with $101 million from the Queensland government and the remaining from the coal industry and the commonwealth.

(….) Noting that the research wasn’t (….) wasted, Bligh said the Queensland government „is not walking away from ZeroGen or from clean coal technology.”

„In fact, the Queensland government will be spending more on this technology over the next three to four years and we’ll be doing it hand in hand with an agreement with the coal industry,” she said.

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