Energy efficiency: EP call for binding EU energy savings target a powerful and timely reminder to Council and Commission

The European Parliament today adopted the Bendtsen report, outlining the EP position on the upcoming EU energy efficiency action plan. The Greens welcomed the report, notably the inclusion of the long-standing Green demand to make the EU’s 2020 energy savings target binding. After the vote, Green MEP and shadow draftsman for energy efficiency Yannick Jadot said:

„This report is a timely and powerful reminder to the EU Commission and Council on the importance of a binding energy savings target ahead of the crucial 4 February energy summit and with the Commission preparing its energy efficiency action plan. Ambitious EU measures on energy saving and efficiency are essential if Europe is to respond to the challenges of energy security and climate change. They also make economic sense, create jobs and save consumers money on their energy bills. Until now, member states have been reneging on their pledge to reduce energy consumption 20% by 2020 by making insufficient progress. Making the target binding will help ensure EU governments actually deliver on this potential, as it has with renewable energy.

„The report also calls for stronger measures to address the energy consumption of buildings, notably by renovating the existing building stock. With buildings accounting for 40% of energy consumption in the EU, it is essential to tackle this sector head on. The Greens hope the EU energy summit will also address this crucial issue.”

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