Putin o liberalizacji rynku energii–po doświadczeniu z umową z Polską

Moscow was irked by the European Union’s blocking of a Russian gas deal with Poland until EU authorities in Brussels had inspected the document and were happy that it complied with liberalisation laws.

The liberalisation of EU energy markets has eroded some of the profits that were anticipated in European gas pipelines, but analysts say investors in new projects have so far found it easy to agree exemptions that make their investments worthwhile.

„What are we proposing?[…] The creation of a harmonious community of economies from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” Putin said, referring to Russia’s far eastern city.

„And in the future, possibly, a free-trade zone and even more advanced forms of economic integration,” Putin said, adding that Russia and the European Union should work to remove all remaining obstacles to Russia’s 17-year-old bid to join the World Trade Organisation.



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